Question: What Is Rate Analysis In Interior Design?

What is rate analysis and its purpose?

PURPOSE OF RATE ANALYSIS  To work out the actual cost of per unit of the items.

 To work out the economical use of materials and processes in completing the particulars item.

 To work out the cost of extra items which are not provided in the contract bond, but are to be done as per the directions of the client..

How do you calculate rate analysis?

For our case lets assume it as 15% of total cost of materials, labours and equipments. We have calculated the quantity of every item in above 1 – 3 steps. For rate analysis of RCC, we need to multiply each quantity with their rates to get the amount for every item of work.

Is code rate a analysis?

Rate analysis of RCC (Reinforcement Cement Concrete) used for reference book IS Code 1200 part 2 (IS Code 1200 part 2 used for measurement), IS Code 2212, and CPWD Part 1. (1 cement: 1.5 Sand: 3 Aggregate). …

What are standard schedule rates?

A schedule of rates is a list in a contract setting out the staff, labour and plant hire rates etc that a contractor will use for pricing cost reimbursable work. … For more information see: Schedule of rates.

How do you rate a concrete analysis?

In order to perform rate analysis for reinforced concrete, two steps are involved: 1- Estimation of number of labour and equipment, quantity of materials, miscellaneous items required for for a certain quantity of reinforced concrete. Next, the rate analysis for 1 m3 of reinforced concrete is to be calculated.

What is the rate analysis?

Rate Analysis can be defined as the analytical study (qualitative and quantitative) that leads to the definition of a new unit rate referring to a given job or work type, by identifying its basic elements.

What are the factors affecting rate analysis?

Factors affecting rate of an item :Locality and situation.Size and extent of work.Nature of project.Height/Level of work at which it is being executed.Environmental and climatic conditions.

What is the rate of PCC?

PCC rate per cubic meter is rs 4845. Ans. INR 4845 is cost and rate analysis for 1 cum PCC 1:4:8 (M7. 5).

What are types of estimates?

Approximate estimate – It is also called budget, preliminary estimate. This type of estimate is prepared in the initial stage of a project. To give a clear idea to the owner (client) about the amount of cost needed for the project and to get the approval from necessary sanctioning bodies (eg: from banks to get loan).

What are two of the necessary components of a unit rate?

An hourly unit rate is based on the labour and equipment charges per hour while an item-unit rate involves a detailed consideration of the construction activities, the length of time they will take, cost of materials, cost of labour and any other important considerations such as percentages for profits and contractors …

What is definition of estimation?

Estimation (or estimating) is the process of finding an estimate, or approximation, which is a value that is usable for some purpose even if input data may be incomplete, uncertain, or unstable. The value is nonetheless usable because it is derived from the best information available.

What is Rate list method?

Rate List – Works costing up to rs. 25000/- can be carried out by rate list method. … The contractor agrees to execute the work at certain agreed rates without consideration of total quantity or duration .