Quick Answer: Should I Buy A 2080 Or Wait For 3080?

Is a 2080 TI worth it 2020?

Simple answer: No, you shouldn’t buy an RTX 2080 Ti right now.

Don’t get me wrong, the RTX 2080 Ti is a fantastic graphics card.

It’s able to deliver 4K graphics and a taste of the good life thanks to acceleration for real-time ray tracing technology..

Will 2080 TI come down in price?

Used GPU market gets flooded with Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Ti cards immediately after RTX 3000 announcement, high-end Turing prices could drop to around $300. … The lowest price on the US ebay for a used RTX 2080 Ti is around $550, while prices in Europe already dived to 465 Euro (for a brand new card).

Should I get a 2080 or wait for 3080?

If you have to ask this question then you aren’t doing anything that requires either of these cards. If u need something that powerful you prolly need it tomorrow. If you already have a decent GPU, wait for 3080ti, if you have to hold out on integrated or something go 2080ti.

Is the RTX 2080 TI future proof?

No GPU is future proof, but you can expect it to get 100+ FPS on most games at 1440p max settings for the next 2–3 years. … No GPU is future proof, but the RTX 2080 Ti should see you OK for maybe three more years, by which time it will be a mid-range card, and you will have to play at medium settings.

Why are all the RTX 3080 sold out?

The move comes after the RTX 3080 and 3090 sold out immediately on Nvidia’s website due to supply issues, malfunctioning retail websites, and bots getting to products before customers. … “In the US, you can shop for Founders Edition at Best Buy – GeForce RTX 3080 and GeForce RTX 3090.

How fast will the 3080 sell out?

Some would-be RTX 3080 owners are saying that the cards sold out before the Add to Cart button even worked for them, while others claimed the Ampere cards sold out in 15 seconds.

How much better is 3080 than 3070?

NVIDIA RTX 3070 vs. From the raw specs listed above, it’s clear the RTX 3080 is a strong performer and the superior option out of the two GPUs. It has more memory that’s faster and has a larger bus, it has more CUDA cores, more RT cores for ray tracing, and it has more tensor cores.

Why is 2080 TI still so expensive?

A lot of companies are ramping down production or ending it completely. So 2080ti’s are getting scarce. It’s meant for users who want or need the highest end GPU there is. Since there is no competition there is no reason to lower prices.

Why is the RTX 3070 so cheap?

Because it’s the bottom of the line card. The 2060 was cheap on release. It’s cheap only on it’s site. 499$ is for FE which was instantly sold everywhere.

Is Nvidia releasing new cards 2020?

After much teasing and a long wait, the Nvidia Grocer RTX 3080 was released on September 17, 2020. And it’s available right now; that’s if you can find a retailer with one in stock and don’t want to buy the graphics card from resellers at grossly inflated prices.

Should I wait for 3080?

The RTX 3080 is an amazing card but you should wait to get it. … The RTX 3080 has already been released by the time i’m writing this , however it is very difficult to find one due to the extremely high demand. People have been waiting 20+ hours in a line, sometimes showing up to a sold out store.

Is it worth buying a 3080?

Ok so when we’re talking about a Geforce RTX 3080 we are talking about the best value for money graphic card having 10gb of Vram. And almost got 40 or 30% better performance than rtx 2080 when compared. so yes it’s definitely a good choice to get an rtx 3080 . 3080 is obviously a better value for money GPU.

How much will the RTX 3080 cost?

Nvidia is promising big performance with the RTX 3080, up to two times that of the RTX 2080, and faster than even Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Ti card. The card will ship with 10GB of GDDR6X memory and will be priced at $699 when it ships on September 17th.

Will the 3080 sell out?

Nvidia’s RTX 3080 sold out within minutes — and gamers aren’t happy. Following the disastrous PlayStation 5 pre-order debacle, it was Nvidia’s turn to disappoint gamers around the world. Across multiple sites, nearly every model of the new GeForce RTX 3080 is out of stock.