Quick Answer: Who Is The Baddest Disney Villain Of All Time?

Who is the evilest Disney villain ever?

10 Most Evil Disney Villains (& The Worst Thing They Did)1 Hades: Set The Titans On Mount Olympus.2 The Horned King: Summoning His Army.

3 Man: Shot Bambi’s Mother.

4 Scar: Usurping The Throne And Killing Mufasa.

5 Judge Claude Frollo: His Whole Reign Of Terror.

6 Mother Gothel: Imprisoning Rapunzel.

7 Lotso: Sending Andy’s Toys To Their Deaths.

More items…•.

Who is the most evil Marvel villain?

Here are some of the most evil villains the Avengers have ever encountered.1 ULTRON.2 HYDRA. … 3 RED SKULL. … 4 PURPLE MAN. … 5 CARNAGE. … 6 THE VOID/SENTRY. … 7 DOCTOR DOOM. … 8 MEPHISTO. … More items…•

Which Disney character killed the most?

TIL MulanTIL Mulan has the highest kill-count of any Disney character, including villains, and was the first Disney Princess to be shown killing people on-screen. As you might remember, Mulan killed the most of the Huns by crushing them in an avalanche by way of a rocket.

Who’s the most powerful Disney villain?

We present to you, a list of the most powerful Disney villains, ranked.8 The Little Mermaid: Ursula.7 Beauty and The Beast: Enchantress.6 Mulan: Shan Yu.5 Wreck-It-Ralph: Turbo.4 Dinosaur: Carnotaurs.3 Fantasia 2000: The Firebird.2 Sleeping Beauty: Maleficent.1 Hercules: Hades.More items…•

What makes a Disney villain?

Disney’s villains, though with their own manner of accomplishing their goals, go for mainly two motives behind their evil deeds. They desire either vengeance, power, or both. Look at characters like Jafar, Ursula, Scar, or Hans and Bellweather for a more recent example.

Who is the youngest Disney villain?

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast and Hans from Frozen are currently the youngest Disney Villains to date, with Hans being 23 and Gaston being around his mid-20s.

Who is the ultimate Disney villain?

After five rounds of competition, RT fans have voted The Lion King’s Scar as the Ultimate Disney Villain.

Who is the least evil Disney villain?

15 Disney Villains Ranked From Least Evil To Most EvilGaston from “Beauty and the Beast” Let’s get something straight: Gaston is NOT evil. … Lady Tremaine from “Cinderella” … Evil Queen from “Snow White” … Shere Khan from “The Jungle Book” … Cruella de Vil from “101 Dalmatians” … Hans from “Frozen” … Mother Gothel from “Tangled” … Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty”More items…•

Who is the most powerful princess?

10 Strongest Disney Princesses, Ranked1 MULAN. How could Mulan not be number one on this list?2 MERIDA – BRAVE. … 3 ANNA/ELSA – FROZEN. … 4 TIANA – THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG. … 5 JASMINE – ALADDIN. … 6 BELLE – BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. … 7 POCAHONTAS. … 8 RAPUNZEL – TANGLED. … More items…•

Who was Disney’s first villain?

the Evil Queen1. The First Villain. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Disney’s first full-length animated feature film making the Evil Queen the first villain and the one who started it all.

Is there an evil Disney princess?

Maleficent. Maleficent is the main antagonist of Sleeping Beauty. True to her name, she is a malicious and elegant fairy prone to committing heinous acts for the sake of malevolence. … Maleficent was the one who cursed Princess Aurora for being spurned an invitation to the princess’s birth.