Quick Answer: Why Do Pro CS Go Players Use Black Bars?

Why do CSGO pros use black bars?

They’re used to it, using 4:3 monitors back in the day playing css/cs 1.6.

They are more comfortable on that res, easier to concentrate on the crosshair and the screen..

Is 4 3 better for CSGO?

If you do believe a larger monitor is an advantage, then 4:3 stretched can actually be superior to 16:9 using your arguments (if the perceived advantage from larger models tops the loss from decreased FOV).

Which CSGO pros use black bars?

CS: GO pros who use 4:3 black barsRichard ‘shox’ Papillon. Advertisement. Video Game Settings: … Kristian ‘k0nfig’ Wienecke. Video Game Settings: Resolution: 1024 x 768. … Egor ‘flamie’ Vasilyev. Video Game Settings: Resolution: 1024 x 768. … Olof ‘olofmeister’ Kajbjer. Video Game Settings: … Finn ‘karrigan’ Andersen.

Why do CSGO pros play 4 3?

In some cases, players may prefer playing in 4:3 because that’s how they played earlier iterations of the Counter-Strike series (such as 1.6). FOV is not bigger, though. As noted by Decency in their comment, 16:9 offers you a wider FOV, the full 90 degrees, while 4:3 gives a FOV of ~74 degrees.

What aspect ratio do CSGO pros use?

4:3Best Resolution and Aspect Ratio for CS:GO As you can see on our charts to the right, most pros play with an aspect ratio of 4:3. Whether this is down to them just being used to it from the old days or because it’s objectively better is a topic of great debate on many online forums.

What does black bars mean CSGO?

black bars “makes” you to concentrate more on whats in front of you, instead of turning your eyes to the sides to see whats around you. also your sens ratio will be 1:1 rather than the one while stretch (its faster side by side, but its something that is really easy to get used to) Elbrother26.

Why do pro CS Go players use low resolution?

Higher frame rates allow for better reaction times. Lower resolutions are also very useful in LAN games, since playing in low resolution is the best way to get the smoothest performance from a given machine. Another advantage is that one can easily distinguish between the player and the environment.

Is black bars better than stretched?

Its preference. On stretched player models move across your screen faster but the models are “wider”. Black bars they won’t move as fast across your screen but the models are skinnier. Just try them both out and play what you feel most comfortable on.

What is black bar?

Black Steel Bars are produced in a rolling mill by heating raw material such as billet, blooms, etc at a temperature around 1200 C through a number of rolls to achieve the desired shape and size. Some of the shapes are rounds, hexagons, flats, bars, etc. … Therefore black steel bars are less expensive than bright bars.

Why do pros play on low graphics?

Not every pro player does, but many indeed. They do so because it offers more clarity. Units appear in brighter, simpler colors and thus stand out more. Less detailed textures also help the background not get in the way.

Why do CSGO players tilt their keyboard?

Tilting their keyboards makes it more comfortable so it’s in a slightly more natural position for their hand. Also, if you take a look at most of the esports stadiums, players don’t have a lot of space so they have to utilize space as best as they can. … most likely CS:GO pro players.